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Did you know that almost half of new teachers leave the education field within their first five years? Yeah, it's true! Research from the University of Pennsylvania School of Education shows that a whopping 44% of them feel unprepared to handle the challenges of teaching and managing classroom behaviors. And get this: about half of all teacher turnover happens in just a quarter of public schools. Those high-poverty, high-minority, urban, and rural schools? They suffer the most from this problem.

Imagine, these teachers start off all fired up, ready to make a positive impact on young minds. But before they know it, they realize they don't have the tools or support they need to handle the tough stuff. It's a real gut punch. They start feeling ineffective and defeated, like their dreams of shaping young lives are slipping away. It's a dire situation we're facing.

If we don't take action, we're going to see a mass exodus of teachers from the profession. The numbers are alarming, with anywhere from 17% to a mind-blowing 44% of new teachers leaving within their first five years. And let me tell you, it's not just the individual classrooms that suffer. The whole school feels the impact, and student achievement takes a hit. We can't keep ignoring this urgent problem any longer!

That's where our company steps in. We're determined to tackle the issue of inadequate teacher development for beginners. We understand the importance of providing top-notch support and training to ensure that teachers have the skills and confidence to succeed in their careers.


The situation is serious! We need to act now to bridge the gap in quality teacher development. Our educators deserve the best support possible, so they can thrive in the classroom. The future of education and the success of our students are hanging in the balance. Let's make a real difference together!

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Schools & Organizations

Professional Development

I provide engaging workshops, keynotes, seminars, and online learning experiences focused on topics of Transforming School and Classroom Culture, Educator Development, and Building Relationships with Students and Families

Campus Culture Development

I provide 1⁄2 year and full-year consulting to develop and implement a campus culture where students and teachers can thrive, ultimately leading to increased student engagement and academic success.

Teacher Development

I help new teachers struggling with classroom management learn effective strategies and techniques so they can create a positive and productive learning environment, resulting in improved student behavior, increased engagement, and a more fulfilling teaching experience.


One on One Coaching

Go from feeling overwhelmed to becoming a confident and effective educator, from struggling with classroom management, feeling uncertain in your teaching abilities, and facing classroom management challenges to becoming a skilled educator with improved student behavior and engagement.


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Throughout this 4-week master class, we'll dive deep into each milestone of the A.C.E. Framework:

Week 1: Setting the Foundation for Effective Classroom Management
- We'll assess your current classroom management practices and identify areas for improvement.
- Together, we'll set specific, measurable, and attainable goals to enhance your classroom management skills.

Week 2: Implementing Proactive Classroom Management Strategies
- Learn how to create a positive and inclusive classroom environment that fosters respect, collaboration, and student well-being.
- Discover effective strategies to foster a sense of belonging, safety, and engagement among your students.

Week 3: Addressing Behavior Challenges and Building Relationships
- Acquire a toolkit of evidence-based strategies and techniques for handling behavior challenges with confidence.
- Get practical guidance on behavior management, instruction, differentiation, and relationship-building.

Week 4: Analyzing and Utilizing Data for Classroom Management
- Embrace a growth mindset and a commitment to lifelong learning in the realm of classroom management.
- Emphasize the importance of ongoing reflection, professional development, and adaptation to meet evolving student needs.

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